The 30 Step Deep Cleaning Checklist

Home Improvement

Whether you just bought a new property that you want to purify, or if it's just your scheduled spring cleaning time, or maybe you went away on vacation thinking you could leave your teenagers home alone but sometimes, you just have to get down on your hands and knees to tackle some good old fashioned deep cleaning. The bigger the job, the more advice someone can dispense, so prepare yourselves for my massive Deep Cleaning Checklist.

30. If you try and tackle the entirety of your home in one day, you're going to be miserable. Rome wasn't built in a day, and most likely, it'll take a bit to rebuild your home's cleanliness.

29. Make lists! Have separate lists for both what you need to do to clean each and every room/appliance plus a list of all the work you need to do in general broken down into day by day.

28. If you have kids, use them! The more hands you get in on a deep cleaning project, the faster it'll go. Time tested and farmer approved, putting your kids to work doesn't just make things easier for you, but teaches them how to deep clean a house themselves, a skill that far too many young people are going without these days, if you ask me. 

27. Don't ever, ever, EVER mix your cleaning products. Delimer/descaler and bleach makes mustard gas. MUSTARD GAS! If you aren't a World War One history buff, just trust me when I say, THIS IS BAD! It's also not the only dangerous mixture of common cleaning products, so just don't play bartender when it comes to cleaning chemicals; keep them as unmixed as a freshly recorded song. 

26. Be well stocked...with snacks! You'll want to stay hydrated, and avoid eating anything sugary or high in fat. You can reward yourself with some treats AFTER you finish your cleaning, but snacks which provide energy, like nuts and fruit, will aid your cleaning quest much more valiantly than having a sugar crash in the middle of it.

25. Your survival bag for any deep cleaning project consists as follows: rubber gloves, paper towels, bleach, soap, rags and more paper towels. 

24. Start with the outside first. Power-wash your house, porch and driveway if at all possible.

23. Don't be one of those guys (or allow your husband to be one of those guys) who can't throw away an old tool that is far past its prime. Beyond tools themselves, go through your entire house and make two collections of your stuff: one for a garage sale/Goodwill or other charitable donation and the other for stuff to just take to the dump.

22. Start with your garage. Use pegboards and hooks to hang stuff to save space. Make sure your shelving is being used properly, with neatly sorted and placed items for storage. If not, rearrange what you have and straighten it up. Anyone who has played Tetris knows, it matters where you put things. 

21. Whether it is inside your house, outside, or in your garage, find a spot to put all your children's outdoor toys, or maybe yours too if you're like me and a fitness nut. My Kangoo boots don't exactly fit with the rest of my shoes! If you don't know what Kangoo boots are, you're missing out on the greatest form of cardio ever created. 

20. When cleaning the outside of your house, don't neglect the roof. Look for loose or broken shingles, or soft spots in the roof itself. Use a hose to get any debris into the gutters, and once the roof itself is free of random whatnot's, scrape them from the roof.

19. Make sure your sprinkler system is working! A wet lawn is a healthy lawn.

18. Clean leaves, wood piles and any other garbage/debris from your yard. Not only can they be unsightly, but they can house irksome rodents and bugs!

17. Make sure there are no chips in your house's paint, or its brick/stone/siding. Make sure your window sills and screens are all in perfect order as well. After this, you get to POWER-WASH!

16. Clean sediment and perform general maintenance on your hot water heater.

15. Do the same for your air conditioning or home cooling units, as well as your swamp coolers.

14. Don't be afraid to just have a closet day where you go through each and every closet in your house. For myself, I take any clothes I haven't worn in a year over to the Goodwill, which helps free up space. Separate any clothing with holes or loose buttons or stains you need to take care of, and rehang the rest. Vacuum not just the floors but the walls and ceilings of your closets too, to rid yourself of dust, cobwebs and more.

13. Your walls are going to need some care too. Take down all your paintings, posters and other hanging art to take a soapy, wet rag to every wall you've got.

12. Vacuum (and scrub if necessary, which it probably is) all of your baseboards.

11. Wash your windows, inside and out. You can vacuum out the sills on the inside to collect any dust that has collected.

10. Give your vacuum some more work, this time on your lampshades. As far as light fixtures, lamps and chandeliers, dusting and washing is in order, and you know it is.

9. Did you know you can vacuum books? Well, you can! Vacuum your bookshelves while you're at it. Another similar project can be washing any antiquities and knickknacks.

8. Dust your doors before you wash them.

7. Scrub clean all your kitchen appliances, and be sure to donate what you no longer use.

6. Clean your oven and stove top. Wash the inside of your refrigeration and don't forget to defrost your freezer before cleaning it.

5. While washing all your bedding and turning your mattresses, move all your furniture and shampoo/vacuum your carpets thoroughly.

4. The shower, toilet, floor and sink will need extra special care and love. Scrub a dub dub the place where you rub a dub dub.

3. Clear out your medicine cabinet, scrub the inside, throw away any medicine that is expired and you don't need, and then restock what made the cut back into your freshly cleaned medicine cabinet. 

2. Polish any picture frames hanging on walls or sitting out on tables. Your photographs and art are meant to attract people's eyeballs, so make sure they are clean. 

1. Vacuum and scrub all vents. They are nasty, and you know they are, so don't neglect your vents. That directly effects the air you breath, so don't be lazy! 

BOOM! You're done cleaning now. You can relax, kick your feet up, and take a load off. Deep cleaning your home may be a daunting, time consuming task, but that feeling of satisfaction you get after the fact makes all the labor worth it.