Lost Pizza Co. Gets Found in Pensacola


Lost Pizza Gets Found in Pensacola

Pizza truly is one of the world's most popular and widely recognizable foods. Moreso than burgers, moreso than hot dogs, pizza, can be found in nearly every country on the planet. From Brazil to Japan, from the Philippines to Iran, this classic Italian sandwich derivative has as many styles as Pensacola Beach has grains of sand. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but seriously, when it comes to making pizzas, there are as many options for toppings and styles as there are variations amongst sandwiches. 

Let's just take the crust. To test myself, I'm not Googling anything here, but as far as pizza crust goes, you've got thin crust, Saint Louis style thin crust, thick crust, pan pizza, Sicilian style thick crust, stuffed crust, New York/New Jersey style crust, and Chicago style deep dish. Just with crust options alone, one could eat pizza for weeks and keep trying new varieties. Some pizzerias have even taken to flavoring their crust with various options, and when given even more choices to choose from, pizza fans worldwide didn't complain. 

Pizza has been literally changing the way the world consumes food. In China, for example, cheese wasn't a commonly eaten food, until pizza became a popular dish. Because lactose intolerance is so common in China (a symptom of dairy not being as regularly consumed by their culture) many pizza's in China are made with a Miracle Whip like substance as opposed to cheese. Throughout Asia, many pizzas which may seem unusual to us western types are staple's of the region, such as the Kimchi pizza, the salmon teriyaki pizza or something I am dying to try myself, the Peking duck pizza. Although one may suspect The United States or Italy as the nation which consumes the most pizza per year, according to many surveys, the title belongs to Norway of all places. The Grandiosa brand of frozen pizzas has even been called the unofficial national food of Norway. 

Living in Pensacola, we have no shortage of fantastic locally owned pizza restaurants. Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze and every part of town in Pensacola itself has its own local pizza spots cooking up their own personal slices of heaven in the slice of paradise known as Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast. Places like Sky's Pizza on Davis, The Elbow Room on Cervantes street or Ozone Pizza in East Hill keep customers full and satisfied, and those are only a few of the great places this town as to offer, so any new pizzerias coming into the area always need to bring their A-game to survive. Fortunately for us pizza lovers in the area, Lost Pizza Co brought just that. 

In 2007, former college best friends Preston Lott and Brooks Roberts decided to make reality a fantasy which consumed many of their late night conversations back at school: opening up a pizzeria with the coldest beers and the tastiest pies. Although Brooks was away in the Virgin Islands at the time, the two made their way to Indianola, Mississippi and opened the first location of the Lost Pizza Co in September. Shortly after, the dynamic duo opened a second location in Cleveland, OH. In 2001, the first franchised location opened in Tupelo, MS, and since then storefronts serving up awesome pizza pies have popped up throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and now Florida. 

What has been helping make The Lost Pizza Co so popular everywhere they open their doors in their commitment to freshness. Dough and sauces are made daily, and of course the veggies are always the freshest they can buy. Meats are all high quality and without fillers, while the cheeses are perfectly aged, helping to create pizza worthy for even the most exclusive pizza critics. No matter how high your standards, you'll be able to look at your pie with pride, knowing your stomach and taste buds are about to receive a real treat. 

Being a franchise, each location has slightly different menus, but always offer the same high level of deliciousness that Lost Pizza Co is becoming known for. Here at the Pensacola location, they have an appetizer I must recommend: the fried ravioli. Breaded and deep fried, these beef and cheese pasta are the perfect fried food you've probably never tried before. The salads, sandwiches and pastas are all also top-notch though, so whatever you happen to be craving, grabbing it at Lost will leave you smiling. I will warn you, you may overeat, as it is incredibly easy to get "lost" in this food! Located on East Nine Mile Road near Target and Publix, next time you're in the area and have the craving for a pizza hits you, don't be afraid to go out and find The Lost Pizza Co.